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Here you can get best town hall base designs for all town hall levels.


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Best Town Hall Base Design for War and Farming

Exceptional Town Hall 10 farming Base Design

It's time to get a fresh base layout. All latest farming base layouts that I featured here have gotten popular so they are able to be defeated by a growing number of people.


In the event you decide to make use of an online base design -- that they sometimes get highly popular, so people figure out how to take care of and overcome them. It always helps adapt them only a small bit.


town hall 10 farming base design


Moving into farming at multi player battles as a Town-hall 10 Isn't Simple. Whatever you could do is prevent getting 3-Stared and some times you are blessed and may protect a Star at an incredibly close attack when your attacker gets mistakes.

best th10 base anti everything


The Farming Bases I've listed below are powerful enough to benefit from mistakes and mayn't acquire 3-Stared.


Town-hall 10 Farming Base Lay out

This is a very effective Anti 3star base with an attachment externally that's truly tough to construct with most of the current dead zones across the center.


Have a look at the replays I connected over, and it works very well


Here is a different farming base which also works great with an excellent Inferno Tower positioning that just leaves bad areas for building your funnel.


In case you are intending to go to farming, then here you Discover the Right military setup and added tips that Can Help You get 3 stars at multi player battle: